Radical Ideas on Harnessing Collective Intelligence
A call for new nomenclature
I recently got a response from an agent that pushed me to try something different with my first book, Experimenting with Absurdism. What exactly, I have…
Syllojism Episode 11: Stuperintelligence Season FinaleListen now (93 min) | The fiefdom of IQ, dog whistles, fake cultural problems, the practitioner vs. the theorist
which is different than writing simply.
NeoAcademia Episode 11: Steve Rathje - The psychology of academic social mediaListen now (70 min) | What goes viral, science communication, and academic NPCs
A model for an in-between year
Syllojism S2 Episode 10 - The Existential Master Debaters Zizek + Peterson w/ Matt McManusListen now (66 min) | Way more than just Kermit and Slurpy-slurpy spittle sounds
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