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Behind the Scenes: NeoAcademia x Greg Sadler

YouTube vs the Classroom | The philosopher archetype | Tales from the Publishing Crypt | Greg's NonTheory of Heavy Metal

Greg Sadler was the very first person I asked to come on NeoAcademia. His demeanor is just like what you’d expect from his videos. He’s kind, considerate, and jovial, so it’s no surprise that when I posted this, my friend Humzah said, “He’s my favorite philosophy teacher”.

Talking with Greg made me nostalgic for undergrad. I never took an official philosophy course, but I wish I could now. Young, silly me was dead-set on graduating in 3 years and getting into either grad school or med school. I took the bare bones requirements for non-science electives. But I really loved one in particular - Humanistic Tradition taught by Doug Evans. Dr. Evans probably doesn’t remember me, and I’m sure Dr. Sadler doesn’t remember Humzah liking, sharing, and commenting on his videos - but we never forget teachers like them.

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