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Behind The Scenes: NeoAcademia x Readocracy

Bonus Content on The Business of Tech, AI, Substack, The Creator Economy, Start-up life and more

Mario and I usually talk for hours at a time, so there was a ton of bonus footage from episode 1. A little back history on the partnership with Mario and Readocracy: I’ve been helping Mario by giving feedback on technical aspects of Readocracy since 2019, and when I came up with the concept for NeoAcademia, Mario was an obvious choice to explore how tech is helping to change the boundaries of the academic system.

I asked Mario to be my first guest before we talked about sponsorship. If you’re new here, I’ve been trying to make a living as a writer/podcaster, and the only ways to do that are 1) Get sponsors or 2) Turn your listeners into customers. I hope what I provide here is of value to you, but I hate the idea of asking you for money. I love the engagement with you, and that feels like payment enough. If only engagement fed my dogs and put shoes on my kid’s feet. I also hate the idea of asking Mario for money, but asking Readocracy for money feels better. LMAO.

However, I want to be clear that I asked Mario to be the first guest before I suggested the idea of Readocracy as a sponsor. Once we chatted about the episode, doing the collections made sense, and this is actual work…so, my first sponsorship deal was born.

I hope you enjoy the conversation and jump in where you have thoughts. Can’t wait to hear from you.


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