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Behind the Scenes - NeoAcademia x Todd Kashdan

Harvard President on misogyny | Formula for a Principled Rebellion | How to Raise Principled Rebels | Women in Heterodox spaces

In this episode, Todd talks about switching research topics with an ease that I used to dream about. I study things deeply, but I’m much more of a generalist than is required to be an academic in biomedical science. In that domain, you have to drill into literal minutia. Todd’s penchant for asking fascinating questions across broad domains is the part of academia that I never got to experience but I’m trying to recapitulate that here, in this podcast.

I’m so excited to get the opportunity to ask people like Todd the burning questions I’ve had for so long, and after I read his book, I HAD to talk to him. It’s like he wrote it just for me.

The book is incredibly well written; it’s formulaic, offering bite-sized recipe steps, but not dry - a rare combination. I really want to give everyone a copy, but I’ve only got one to give away.

I’ll randomize the entries for anyone who does the following by October 12th: 

  1. Subscribe to Todd’s newsletter (and mine!).

  2. Write NeoAcademia a review on Apple podcasts. 

  3. Tweet out your review and tag @theory_gang and @toddkashdan - or just send me a message telling me you did it.  

On to the good stuff…

Ok, full disclosure, I’ve never geeked out talking to someone I admire or whose books I’ve read, but I felt like such a DORK talking to Todd. Watching the episode back, it wasn’t that bad, but the whole time we were recording I felt like I was fangirling...

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