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BTS NeoAcademia x Roger's Bacon

COVID speculation, A proposal for Science meets Bridgerton, the thin line between Postmodernization and Speculative Science

This episode really inspired me to start thinking about us as a community… literally us and also others like us who we haven’t yet encountered. Us thinkers, doers, writers, creators, dreamers, readers, movie buffs, history nerds, math guyz n girlz… Those of us that would gladly spend our day exploring our latest obsession and come out with new helpful or interesting things to share.

Roger’s Bacon is one of us, and I’m pretty sure he’d be down for some British Royal Society cosplay. Can we please arrange this? Like a science meeting, but like make it Bridgerton. Shondra - I need this, m’lady. Ok, I digress.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Speculating on COVID - how Seeds of Science will deal with this

  • Postmodernism - What is objective? If SOS is speculative where is the line of demarcation

  • NeoAcademic resources - the seeds of NeoAcademia being sprouted

The full video is for paid subscribers

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