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BTS w/Tani Berlo

Feminism, 'Tism, Haterism, NPCism, Misogynism - all the isms

Tani had me all in my feminine energy this week. It was weird how she entered my universe and all of a sudden everything was bathed in this pale pink light. I think I’ve been rejecting my femininity on accident lately. So, I’ll dive into that a bit more.

Here’s a summary of what’s in the bonus video:

  • My favorite surgeon friend

  • Being an agile Girl Friday for startups

  • Tani’s Ted Talk dreams

  • Andrew Tate and what it takes to get kicked off TikTok

  • Hate from Bots, NPCs and crusty academics

    • And a little side note about recent misogyny. You know, just fun girly stuff.

I also included my most recent Readocracy stats because I’m pausing my monthly rabbit hole newsletters.

The full video is for paid subscribers

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