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Paid episode

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BTS w/Zachariah Witcher

Real emo shit, arguments over a sandwich, and a dash of racism

This bonus content is full of good stuff. I don’t say that every week, but this one was exceptionally high quality. Here’s what’s inside

  • Me and Brett beefing over a sandwich

  • My challenge redo (version 2) and why I hated this challenge so much

  • Dolly vs Whitney - the real reason Brett prefers Dolly

  • How Zach and I met

  • Why the piano is the best instrument

  • Brett’s challenge explanation and his emotional hyperconnectivity

    And friends, for the price of a Starbucks latte a month, you can instill enough guilt in me to keep producing this show and help pay our editor so I can spend more time writing shit that will make you think, reading the Unabomber on YouTube, and possibly find time to play sports commentator for intellectual debates.

The full video is for paid subscribers

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