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Deprofessionalizing science with Adam Mastroianni

Deprofessionalizing science with Adam Mastroianni

NeoAcademia Episode 12

NeoAcademia is a series of real conversations with trailblazing thinkers, beyond the ivory tower

I thought for a minute it might have been over, but we’re so back! I really was not sure what to do with NeoAcademia. Podcasts are so fucking annoying, and the last thing I want to do is clutter up the airwaves with another carbon copy. I was feeling pretty discouraged about exploring the shifting walls of academia, so I had to change my perspective. The way I’m looking at NeoAcademia is a little different this season:

In talking with Adam, it occurred to me that this show is about changing the vibe of scholarly discourse. I want you to witness scholars having conversations outside of their expertise, unplugged and informal, thinking in real-time, and hopefully sharing a few laughs.

It’s like Revenge of the Nerds over here, between me and

Episode Time Stamps

01:08 Corrupting the youth

04:30 Learning how to be the Good kind of Cringe

10:24 What If You Just Dd The Things You Think Are Right and to hell with over professionalization

11:42 Kimmy Gibbler and the NeoAcademic Science House

22:05 The Weak Link Problem in Science

26:01 @siminevazire on Unearned prestige: Nonzero sum players playing Zero sum games

30:13 The Validation meter

33:07 The psychology of having a sense of humor - puzzle solving as a normal human person

35:47 Academic sudoku - Respect tha game

39:36 Suffering as an academic outcome - Just cure mimetic desire!

46:20 The Ones Who Swipe Left on Omelas

50:31 Doing laps on the hedonic treadmill

51:55 The Emperors of Science command the destruction of all monkey paws and Science Emperors

57:57 How *some* money should be dispensed for grants:

01:00:29 Santa Claus running the careerist watering hole

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NeoAcademia is also possible because of you! I’m committed to finding ways to make scholarly ideas juicy and digestible, and by supporting me and this podcast, you’re helping me cook up the sauce.

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