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Syllojism S2E4 BTS: How not to go into a Dark Age

and other shit

Holy hell, Noah was so much more fun than I thought he would be, AND this is almost a double episode with the amount of content I’ve had to put in Bonus footage:

  • Why I won the challenge

  • Oddball genius stories Andrew Wiles, Grigori Perelman, Paul Erdesh, Henri Poincare, Wittgenstein, Godel, Terrance Tao, and Richard Feynman

  • Is mathematical intelligence what we think it is?

  • How not to go into a Dark Age

  • How we managed 3000 different technical difficulties

  • Why other podcasts Noah has been on suck

    I’m almost at my goal for paid subs this year. Doing this podcast is a dream come true, and I promise to keep improving as long as I can keep doing this…

The full video is for paid subscribers

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