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Syllojism Interpersonal Intelligence Street Teaching Challenge

This is mortifying.

I fucking LOVE making Syllojism, but sometimes putting myself out there is mortifying. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, but some of these challenges I’ve concocted are so cute and embarrassing. This one is one of them. I can’t say exactly why I found it so cringe-worthy, but I think it’s the sincerity. I cringe in the same way every single time I make a TikTok or publish a really heartfelt story. Why am I like this?! Or is it something in the culture that makes sincerity feel embarrassing?

I’m putting the worst of it behind a paywall because while I think it’s important to record, I only want to share it with people who really love what I do. This is footage of Brett and I talking to people on the street for this challenge - not essential to get anything out of the podcast, just extra clownery.

But, feel free to upgrade. :)

The full video is for paid subscribers

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