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The coolest people. Artists, CEOs, capitalists, communists, academics, NeoAcademics, truth-seekers, meme-makers mental health professionals, scientists, comedians, musicians, students, philosophers, fabricators, procrastinators, engineers, writers, designers, polyglots, yogis, and educators.

  • 8/10 Theory Gang readers are so open-minded that they’ve had the thought: maybe I’m not as open-minded as I think.

  • 10/10 Theory Gang Bangers think they’re “smart” but not “that smart”.

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Natasha Mott, Ph.D, 2022. pants unbuttoned, wine in hand.

Ex-academic, former seller of science/biotech shill.

Now, depending on the day I might be a podcaster, an educator, a scientist, a meme-r, a world builder, a creator, an organizer, a friend, a mother, a writer, a musician …usually some Cronenberg combination of a few.

Nice to meet ya.


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Natasha Mott Ph.D, LOL, HBiC

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