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NeoAcademia Episode 6: Hot Girl History w/Tani Berlo

NeoAcademia Episode 6: Hot Girl History w/Tani Berlo

Breaking down stereotypes about who can disseminate history and how to do it

NeoAcademia is a biweekly exploration of the shifting walls of the ivory tower. 

Tani and I had SO MUCH FUN on this episode. Fair warning, it felt a little more like the Syllojism version of me (i.e., raunchy jokes and swearing) because I felt super comfortable with Tani.

She has a beautiful mind for holding paradox and contradiction, and if you know me that’s something I value. She really embraces and embodies my philosophy “Get comfortable being uncomfortable (33:20)”. Tani is one of my favorite NeoAcademic Archetypes, which I’ll share more about in tomorrow’s Bonus Content.

More on why I love Tani in tomorrow’s Bonus Content.

Show notes:

2:39 Litmus test for finding fun, inquisitive people

4:27 Historical manifestations of sex differences and retroactive mental health diagnoses

9:30 Bro you can’t judge history” Alexander the Fabulous and the importance of objectivity in the face of historical dualism

12:17 Christian tattoo bonding

14:26  Escaping the  Academia Trap: tips, tricks and is it worth it?

16:16 Love of learning, transferrable skills and self-awareness in a workplace as an alternative to Academia

19:44 Finding creativity in the tedium of traditional institutions

26:18 “The knowledge whores”,  using your PhD as content

28:18 Injecting personality into academic content as a marketing strategy

31:26  Finding compromise between the conservative nature of  Academia and the progressive nature of learning 

33:20 “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

35:44 Get used to being wrong, because new discoveries are constantly changing everything

39 Speculative science and censorship of the internet

39:37 Pretty privilege within fact-based content creation space

42:04  Prioritizing and habit compounding to stay focused especially as a woman

44:58 Evolution of marketing on social media

53:26 Tani’s advice for growing as a NeoAcademic creator on social media

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For more resources from this episode, check out the collection Tani and I created for you. Use the password “neoacademia” for access.

Readocracy is NeoAcademia’s first sponsor, and I highly encourage you to sign up for an account. I have been using it daily for years now, and I even include some of my personal metrics in my monthly Rabbithole newsletter for my paid subscribers. It’s a fun way of reflecting on what you consume, and potentially building your expertise as a NeoAcademic.

Big Nerve Question:

How are stereotypes influencing who you listen to, what you subscribe to, or how you process information?

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