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I wanted to punch her too, so that's at least five people to have a similar reaction (six if Natasha wasn't one of the other three people to heart junciego's satisfyingly authentic reply).

But still... is logic really the best tool to unwind this patently illogical reaction? Does logic ever help decode wanting to punch someone in the face?

Here's my theory: there is something deeply unserious about a person who treats one of the fundamental problems of existence - what to do with "your one wild and precious life" - as an ironic joke. The mocking phrase "you go in search of a big exciting life" - and the idea that the obstacle to such a thing is the not adequately entertaining quality of "menial care tasks" - another mocking phrase - is just insulting. She speaks as if we are children who need to be entertained. It is, somehow, profound unseriousness pretending to be deep. Ok. I feel a little better now.

Mary Oliver, on the other hand, was serious, the real thing. Her great poem:


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