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Syllojism Episode 5 - Canonical Visual/Spatial Intelligence - Playing like an Artist with Cas3y White

Syllojism Episode 5 - Canonical Visual/Spatial Intelligence - Playing like an Artist with Cas3y White

Who makes the goodest art?

Syllojism is a bi-weekly, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

CHALLENGE: Create an original work of visual art.

We invited artist and comedian Cas3y White to help explore the idea of evaluating subjective qualities of art.  Casey loves injecting a bit of science into his art to make all kinds of monsters, just like the one he created when he told Brett he loved his painting.

I made a lot of stuff and was even accused of not properly completing the challenge. I make a lot of stuff, and share it with Brett and Cas3y, but it was too hot for prime time and can only be found in the bonus content, released every Thursday.

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Here are the works of art from which we are being judged:

Apparently, this was the work before Brett messed it up:

Amazon Estates, Natasha Mott - Get the NFT, DAWG

I mean. The winner is obvious.


01:19 Casey’s Jeffery Bezos video

2:08 Memeing the end of the world

6:33 The Vegan Hollowman - preview to next week’s challenge

8:54 Food and art: all works in progress

10:54 Food and art is politics and not political

15:12 The challenge

16:00 Brett’s work

17:50 Ideation vs execution

19:56 My process-folio (more of my work in bonus content)

22:08 Assessment of Amazon Estates

24:39 The weak and anemic blue pill

26:39 The Harmful Antisemitic Shoe Salesmen

30:38 Cas3y’s relativist assessment of Untitled Temporality

34:41 Brett’s consolation prize

36:44 Brett’s Clown Canon PROPELed by Gardner’s Processfolio evaluation

41:31 Production, Reflection, Perception - Gardner’s pseudoscientific idea of assessment

43:59 Scope and subjective perspective of judging art

47:00 Why Brett’s “apolitical” art is still political

50:48 The relative value of a Van Gogh Earlobe as compared to a Bob Ross Chia Pet

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To assess your Intrapersonal Intelligence, record your feelings and the surrounding context 3x/day for the next week! You can keep up with challenges in the Discord.

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