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Syllojism Episode 11: Stuperintelligence Season Finale

Syllojism Episode 11: Stuperintelligence Season Finale

The fiefdom of IQ, dog whistles, fake cultural problems, the practitioner vs. the theorist

Syllojism is a bi-weekly, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

*CHALLENGE: Pull your favorite and not favorite moments from the season, and brainstorm for next season.

*We had to postpone the finale to Spring because of our guest’s schedule, and so we opted to push the IQ challenge until then.

My husband was listening to me edit this episode and said “That show was a different vibe.” I agree. Brett and I haven’t sat down by ourselves for an entire episode without a guest since the summer, and I think we’ve grown and changed a bit. The show is in constant flux, and that’s what I like about it. It grows and changes with us, and so we have to sit down and reassess what we’re doing periodically - which is what we did this episode.

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Show notes

01:00 Psychometrics and how we approached intelligence this season

05:55 The fiefdom of menial care tasks

09:10 The Challenge

11:48 The non-attractiveness of self-flagellation

16:31 The fan-favorite episodes Episode 1 and 10

17:57 The pros and cons of guru gurus

21:25 The G ceiling

27:23 Attributes less correlated with IQ

28:44 Perspective shifting, eye puzzles, and cognitive rigidity (Ep 5)

31:31 Thought puppetry and contextual novelty

34:35 The most pleasant surprise of the season (Ep 4)

36:15  Brett’s favorite episode (7) and not favorite (6)

38:18  Our personal takeaways from the season

44:44 The unexpected journey of episode 8

47:52 The practitioner vs. the theorist

51:00  What we want more of next season

55:30 Brett’s additional thoughts on Episode 10

58:55 Why it's challenging to grow up as a nuanced intellectual

01:02:20 Non-player characters hearing dog whistles

01:05:32 Our ideas for Season 3

01:13:51 Discrete vs continuous problems

01:15:19 What Natasha will not do

01:21:11 The drugged-up non-episode

01:24:37 The format for next Season 3: Problem solvin’

01:31:17 What the show is and will never be

Thought Experiment: (answer on BigNerve for $$!)

What could be an interesting theme and/or topics for Season 3?

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