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Syllojism S2E8: Linguistic Simp letons w/Language Simp

Syllojism S2E8: Linguistic Simp letons w/Language Simp

Pronoun Police, GigaChads, the best GDP in the world, and the convention of cursing

This was funny, awkward, and accurate, a lot of things that Syllojism tends to be. Our GigaChad guest was unique, to say the least, and both Brett and I delivered on this challenge, as you would expect - Brett cheated and exceeded the 500-word limit, and we both had some kind of terrible throat illness when recording.

Language Simp speaks many languages, but his first language is Troll. I’ve got more to say on this, as always, but I’ll leave that for the Superfan Substack Premium frens tomorrow. We recorded for a LONG time - there’s over 30 minutes of bonus footage. Also tomorrow, I’ll post the written portion of the challenge if you want to read it.

Get a fuckton more content for less than a cuppa soup at Panera Bread.

Show Notes:


4:33 Who Simps for Polyglot YouTube

7:12 The Pronoun Police 

10:05 Breaking gender fluid damn language 

11:36 Esperanto

12:58 The Average Polyglot and the Joueur Professionnel

15:49 Who has the best GDP in the world? Language Simp’s Love Language is trolling

16:42 The power of curse words in language learning

18:29 Natasha’s Challenge

23:35 Language Pimp

26:39 Brett’s Challenge

30:41 Linguistic intelligence is about communication not big words

35:08 Brett’s thick corpus callosum vs word peasants

39:56 Syllogisms Spotify Roundup

43:48 Sapir-Whorf  Hypothesis and The Hopi Time Surfers

47:48 The Paradox of appropriating language and learning it

49:13 Schadenfreude and clap-boo-tee

50:37 The International concept of swearing… except in Arabic

53:25 Brett tries to suggest that oppressive cultures are just about dedication

Next challenge: Go rollerskating!