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Syllojism S2E7: Mind over Music

Syllojism S2E7: Mind over Music

Dolly vs. Whitney, Intellectual Jazz, and dancing on a genetic leash

Syllojism is a bi-weekly, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

CHALLENGE: Compose an original piece of music.

Skr8 up, I hated this challenge.

I love my cohost and guest, but this challenge about killed me.

It had me so much in my feels, and that’s all I’m gonna say about it here. Maybe -MAY BE, I’ll discuss it in the Bonus content. I am really glad that my friend Zachariah Witcher joined us for this challenge. As difficult as it was, having a friend assess our Musical Intelligence made it better. Zach is an amazing musician, but I didn’t really know that until a few months into our friendship. We’d chat here are there at the skating rink, where we’d try and learn moves together, but then he invited me to one of his shows, and I’ll be damned he’s a real musician. Like goes on tour, nominated for a grammy bona fide musician.

I have to say, that I have quite a few musician friends, and I felt horrible choosing one over the other, but, friends, the truth is, Zach is better.

That or I literally see him every Sunday.

Show notes:

3:39 Natasha’s and Zach’s musical history

4:40 Brett’s fave - Primus

5:58 Music as a full-brain workout

9:23 Why Natasha hates the challenge

14:00 Michael Kiwanuka 

16:57 Augustin Hadelich, FN Mecca, and why you can’t separate the artist from the Artist

19:30 Zach’s new business venture synthesizing live performances on already written music

25:03 Musician’s music vs radio music.

Devon Gilfillan - If Bruno Mars, Lenny Kravitz, Anderson Paak, Bob Marley, and Jesus had a baby and sang Baby Please come home

25:40 Nashville’s culture

27:21 I will always love youR debates: when does virtuosity become too much? (PARTON VS HOUSTON extended version tomorrow in da BONUS CONTENT) 

29:31 Bretthoven’s Intellectual Jazz

36:33 Holly Herndon and Brett’s “music” tastes

37:20 Brett-ye’s Thicc corpus callosum and pseudosynesthesia  

39:40  “study” that said learning an instrument can increase IQ by 10%

41:24 Perfect and Relative Pitch and the genetic leash of musicality

45:37 Writing lyrics

48:46 Benefits of working within constraints 

54:18 The musicality of language


To assess our Verbal Intelligence, Bretthoven and I will write a 500-word essay about…verbal intelligence.