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Episode 1 - E.O. Wilson would have loved us

Episode 1 - E.O. Wilson would have loved us

Syllojism is a bi-monthly science, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

Challenge: Read Consilience by E.O. Wilson

Show Notes:

HUGE Shout out to Eeema on the track!

2:30 Incest Taboo Westermarck Effect 

4:01  The queer nucleus Interstitial hypothalamic nucleus 

BRET n the Tribbles

Lordosis and neuroanatomy PLUS VIDEO

10:00 Lateral Hypothalamic Violence and Sex Locus

15:56 Why Natasha thinks relativism maters

18:03 Scientology and the postmodern E-Meter

21:25 What makes a sub-theory (gang): 

Parsimony: The fewer units the better

Generality: the broader coverage of an idea the better

Consilience: relatability to other disciplines

Predicability: easily testible predictions

24:00 Modeling and the vocal minority - why PDX has turned to shit

25:17 Cultural relativism

29:00 What EO Wilson thought about tribalism

34:00 Peewee Herman new dicks

38:44 The philosopher’s tongue

39:40 Book whose title we don’t remember from the author whose name we also don’t recall

43:49 Intersectionality calculator

44:42 What is it? Brett’s ball stimulator

46:20: Art from EO’s perspective (Chapter 10 of Consilience)

49:40 PIG clip. Full movie available HERE 

1:00 Adam Mckay Don’t Look Up

1:02 Doomsday glacier TikTok

68:38 Great read on existential risk and Precipice by Toby Ord

70:55 Old M Knight Shyamalan

72:41: Nine Days

Next Episode: Read an article by Stephen Jay Gould: Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples

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