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Episode 5 - Duobomber Womyxnifesto

Episode 5 - Duobomber Womyxnifesto

Ted Kaczynski was a leftist | Exploring the Unabomber Manifesto

Syllojism is a bi-monthly science, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

Challenge: Read The Duobomber WoMxnifesto ← Click for a Free audiobook read by Natasha.

Show Notes:

1:18 Natasha read and edited the whole damn audiobook. GO LISTEN

2:10 Natasha and Bret start arguing about Natasha’s fundamental flaw in Ted’s argument. 

4:48 Why the West Rules for Now & Guns, Germs, and Steel

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6:30 Why Ted’s An Idiot Argument Number 2:Ted the Leftist

7:00 What’s a Leftism According to Ted

9:39 The Bell Curve episode (CHARLES MURRAY. CHARLES!) which Natasha doesn’t want to do.

10:12 Brett always wants to fight

10:33 Oversocialization & The Power Process Nietzschean Bloviating

Nietzsche will to Power

12:25 Flow State (One of Natasha’s favorite books)

14:00 Brett’s Megafaunal Extremeophile argument

15:23 Brett argues that Oregonians are not real people and challenges Natasha to a Naked and Afraid Match


15:27 Civilized to death  (Another Berk Clerb Pick) 

16:07 Natasha starts Heidigging

17:14 Heidegger on our salvation “If the essence of technology, Enframing, is the extreme danger, and if there is truth in Hölderlin’s words, then the rule of Enframing cannot exhaust itself solely in blocking all lighting-up of every revealing, all appearing of truth. Rather, precisely the essence of technology must harbor in itself the growth of the saving power. In technology’s essence roots and thrives the saving power” 

18:30 Surrogate Activities

19:45 Natasha takes up for academic scientists (for once)

19:55  Now accepting Bacon Sponsorship Applications

22:22 Teddy and that MKelobe Ultra Meme Analysis

27:06 MovieTed K (CHALLENGE  FOR EPISODE 6!)

29:24  Brett and Natasha actually agree that Ted is a hypocrite and a leftist himself. 

29:00  Yanis Varufakis Another Now

31:36 How Natasha feels about crypto

31:10 GAY shit, Brett talks about “Bomb-ass Bussy” & RIP MacAfee

32:10 Kevin Kelly What Technology Wants The Technium

33:41 Natasha wins an argument so our resident Noble Savage deviates to mansplaining about scuba diving

36:51 Brett defends his stance (not) as an anarcho-naturalist

40:14 The black box of neural networks

41:30 The Consequences of the George Jetson Class

42:09 NoCode

43:45 Brett makes a claim about daydreaming and creativity and screens but does not give us the study…and arguing ensues

47:05 The Effeminate Enbie Eloi of today (HG Wells - The Time Machine)

48:10 Brett dogs on science fuxion writers

50:10 Ted’s strategy

52:10 More Heidegging

54:30 Why Teddishness is resurging - Thanks C00V1D!

55:35 “ceNsOrShiP”

59:30 Why those with integrity will lose in the short-run

59:49  Marshmallow test

1:02:20 Preview to Bobby Sapolsky episode

Next Episode: Brett and Natasha will watch the film Ted K.

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