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Syllojism Episode 7: Jeen-Yuhs

Syllojism Episode 7: Jeen-Yuhs

Syllojism is a bi-monthly science, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

Challenge: Watch Coodie Simmon’s documentary on Kanye West, Jeen-Yuhs.

Brett and Natasha watch  Coodie Simmon’s documentary on Kanye West, Jeen-Yuhs. 

0:30 Disclaimer: Natasha is not responsible for Brett’s raps, grunts, or anything else that comes out of his mouth.

3:50 Everyone needs a Donda.

5:50 Kanye as a pantheonic deity


11:00 Dystopia but make it fashun.

14:00 Ye hijacks schizo culture

15:32 “He’s a middling rapper.” 

17:30 YAAAAS Qween’s English and Natasha’s very sophisticated take of why Europeans don’t get Afrobeats or hip hop. Music: Tems Crazy Tings

20:00 Brett’s rant about 90s music and emasculation

22:07 Brett did not listen to Salt N Pepa when he was five.

24:29 The pseudotonality of rap and gatekeeping. 

26:36 Brett Skrellifies the discussion 

30:30 Kardashian Kolloqiuim

36:00 Icarus and the gravitational pull of silicone.

37:22 Freudian ass embers

41:40 Kanye needs a fully formed Madonna Whore and so does Emperor Musk

Next Challenge: Start planning for the Future of Life Worldbuilding Contest

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