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Syllojism Episode 10 - Um...

Syllojism Episode 10 - Um...


Syllojism is a bi-monthly science, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

Challenge: Stop saying"'"!

Show Notes:

2:18 Here go… Disfluencies from Episode 3

4:50 This episode is more than 70% Brett’s fault. His fillers are “Ya know? Well….. So.. uhhh…um” & 30% Natasha’s… who says “like… ya know… so…uh”

6:44 Bruce Lambert with the fix

7:40 Lend Me Your Ears by Max Atkinson

9:18 Can Brett speak for 1 minute straight (about disfluency) without being disfluent? 13:33 Can Natoosh?

18:00 Swearing as a disfluency? The biopsychosocial perspective

23:26 Video number 2 from the Distilled Man: Tips to stop using filler words

30:40 Round 2 for Natasha

33:19 Brett Round 2

35:05 Brett is a Thot Puppet

39:00 The structure of S’jism.

42:30 Bonus: Episode 9 disfluencies

Episode 11: Explore and do work for a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAO).

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