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Syllojism Episode 6: Ted K - destroying /rebuilding society

Syllojism Episode 6: Ted K - destroying /rebuilding society

Syllojism is a bi-monthly science, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

Challenge: Watch the American Crime drama Ted K

Show Notes:

Brett and Natasha discuss the film Ted K. 

10:36 Natasha’s Godmother would be horrified to hear her incorrectly cite Suffragettes. Sorry, Auntie Karen!  Alice “Stone” Blackwell was even more conservative than Susan B Anthony, but Alice Paul was a wild woman. 

11:10 Little known fact: Natasha almost recited Susan B Anthony’s famous speech for a talent portion of a little bitches beauty contest at age 9. Whew, good thing she didn’t. Might have grown up to be a nerd. 

12:16 Emersonian Friends zigging and zagging

13:09 TedK Newsletter


16:28 Challenge 7: Watch JeenYuhs

16:54 Lex and Zuck

19:31 Telegram on Ukraine (Join the discord for the secret!)

22:50 Natasha’s first Psychology w/Charles Negy 

27:08 Ted K v Zuckerburg

31:39 Natasha admits she’s wrong.  

32:10 R U an Economic Girly man?

34:00 The Sam Harris chasm - Brett’s Bromance

38:05 Bernie and Brett’s Anthrocauphony

42:13 Drake Equation

44:00 Are we about to be at the bottom of a new pyramid?

47:43 World Building

48:30 What follows the Attention Economy?

49:38 Scott Barry Kaufman Transcend & Cautious Optimism (Shameless plug)

51:40 How not to end up in Idiocracy

53:46 Life 3.0 and Civilized to Death both are book club books

Next Episode: Brett and Natasha will watch the Kanye documentary Jeen-Yuhs.

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