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Syllojism Episode 9 - TikTok Make It Stop

Syllojism Episode 9 - TikTok Make It Stop


Syllojism is a bi-monthly science, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

Challenge: Explore the world of TikTok LIVEs.

Show Notes:

1:43 Preconceived notions of TikTok

4:04 Warhol would have loved The Tok

5:26 Why follower count doesn't mean jack on the Tok

8:40 Flashback to Episode 1 - Natasha gets deterministic the only template for fame is a non-template


11:40 How a niche commodifies a creator to be fit for “consumption”

16:00 This weeks challenge was like Ready Player One

24:05 THe poor man’s plight: Zeno’s Diamond/Dopamine Paradox

26:56 TikTok is banned in China, but the CCP has a seat on the TikTok board of directors and Oracle wants a piece of the pie

29:40 Why people are on TikTok now: The rise in isolation 

32:40 “I’m Fuck-Your-Pill-pilled”. What is statistically normal anymore?

34:50 TikTok Gifting into Web3 

What people want on TikTok: 

41:40 Rejecting the niche-down commodified parasocial ideology of TikTok in favor of wholeness and genuine friendship

47:48 Episode 10 Challenge: Explore and do work for a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAO).

We're going to play in Cabin, but here are some other options: Invisible College, Rabbithole, DaoHaus, Cohere, Surge

53:03  Shoutouts to Pistolpereztx, GangsterGranny615, Living_Dead_Girl91687, Fatcastle36, Adamax1rx2cx3, Bigdoge88, Glitterpunch45, Aylingutierrez, Biscotticreationsllc, and 1.Lone.wolf. There were a lot of people who showed up, and I’m sorry I could catch all of you! If you were there hit me up, and I’ll tag you on TikTok.

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