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Syllojism S2E1 - Multincellectuals

Syllojism S2E1 - Multincellectuals

Decoding Multiple Intelligences & Howard Gardner w/Matt Browne

Syllojism is a bi-weekly, culture, and philosophy challenge podcast on the edge of chaos.

This week’s CHALLENGE Reading Reflections on Multiple Intelligenes: Myths and Messages by Howard Gardner

We’ve invited psychologist, Dr. Matt Browne, from the Decoding the Gurus podcast to help us sort out Gardner’s theory, and we had an absolute blast talking about the Salad Bar approach to psychometrics, jazz guitar, chemotherapy, and Gaimen.  Believe it or not all of this revolved around the theory of Multiple Intelligences.  

*Apologies for any audio issues, after this episode, I finally splurged on Riverside for recording and better audio editing software. 

Show Notes:

1:49 Deepass Chakra and the Interface Theory of Perception -Join the Discord to see what book we’re reading currently

4:22 Matt’s Multincellectual self-assessment - Each guest will rate themselves as we progress. - share your ratings!

6:45 Matt loves materialist reductionism but might be into the salad bar approach to psychometrics

10:01 G is kinda folk wisdom as it requires the current modern context 

13:48 Nobody likes G. Everybody loves MI, but MI is pretty much Meyers Briggs

18:30 Is G a crude measure that needs refinement? The boundary between intelligence and aptitude

21:29  Howard Gardner’s criteria for intelligence “catnip” for teachers

25:09 Matt’s favorite type of intelligence - Wordincelectual

29:40 Therapy and intrapersonal intelligence

32:44 The problem with Gurus

36:11 The capital T Truth, mutual mental masturbation, sexual incellectualism, and Jaak Panksepp’s

38:31 - Brett, a spatial linguist has very good words and does not fall down

42:23 The possibility of MI in remedial education?

45:38 Robert Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

50:16 Is Howie an “accidental” guru or did he just get the Attention Economy before everyone else?

55:00 Existential intelligence, effective altruism, and the survival of the species

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Challenge for Episode 2: Spend 4 hours out in nature, and record your observations.

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