Sitemap - 2022 - Theory Gang

Syllojism S2E9 - Kinesthetic Intelligence w/Skate Fantacee

NeoAcademia Episode 9: The University's Existential Crisis w/Adam Sitze

The Lingust and the Speaker

Bonus Language Simpin'

Syllojism S2E8: Linguistic Simp letons w/Language Simp

Title: "AI Can't Fucking Replace Us: Why Human Writers Will Always Rule"

BTS w/ John K. Wilson

NeoAcademia Episode 8 - Academic Freedom w/John Wilson

BTS w/Zachariah Witcher

Syllojism S2E7: Mind over Music

Fear, Uncertainty, and the Mall

BTS: NeoAcademia x John Gibbs

NeoAcademia Episode 7: Academic Populism w/ John Gibbs

BTS - Colleen Star Koch

Syllojism S2E6 - Intrapersonal Femmtelligence w/ Colleen Star Koch

BTS w/Tani Berlo

NeoAcademia Episode 6: Hot Girl History w/Tani Berlo

BTS Syllojism x Cas3y White

Syllojism Episode 5 - Canonical Visual/Spatial Intelligence - Playing like an Artist with Cas3y White


Behind The Scenes w/Michael Shermer

NeoAcademia Episode 5 - Michael Shermer's Conspiracy

Syllojism S2E4 BTS: How not to go into a Dark Age

Syllojism Episode 4 - Logical Amoebas, Mathematical Intelligence, Algorithms, Marketplaces, and Quines

BTS NeoAcademia x Roger's Bacon

NeoAcademia Episode 4 : Roger's Bacon on Publishing the Seeds of Science

What do I meme: The non-Fiefdom of Menial Care Tasks

Syllojism Interpersonal Intelligence Street Teaching Challenge

September Rabbit Hole

Syllojism S2E3 - The Interpersonal Intelligence of Street Teaching with TikTok Teacher Emily Pool

Behind the Scenes - NeoAcademia x Todd Kashdan

NeoAcademia Episode 3: Todd Kashdan

Behind The Scenes - Syllojism x Nature w/Pete Cooper

Syllojism S2E2 - Sad Boy Ecology w/ Pete Cooper

Behind the Scenes: NeoAcademia x Greg Sadler

NeoAcademia Episode 2: Dr. Greg Sadler

Experimenting with Absurdism

Behind the Scenes: Syllojism x Matt Browne - Decoding the Gurus

Syllojism S2E1 - Multincellectuals

Rabbit Hole: August

Behind The Scenes: NeoAcademia x Readocracy

NeoAcademia Episode 1 - Readocracy | Mario Vasilescu

This is a playground

What do I meme? Republicans, Democrats, Effective Altruists

Friday Feels #2: A Cave of Wonders

What Is It About your Favorite Creators?

Friday Feels #1: Finding my voice

Rabbit holes in July

What do I meme: Memes that could cure capitalism

Mr. Spock was kinda fiiiine tho...

Taking Effective Altruism seriously

The first half of the year down the 🐇 Hole

Theory Gang Dues

What your audience really wants

Who are you?

Notes on Cluelessness

SEASON 1 FINALE - Episode 12 - Simulacrap ?

Im wunderschönen Monat Mai

What do I meme pt 1.

DAOn to Clown

Syllojism Episode 11 - DAOn to the CABIN

Syllojism Episode 10 - Um...

A crisis of competence? Concern? Compassion?

April Attacks

Syllojism Episode 9 - TikTok Make It Stop

Syllojism Episode 8 - Everybody wants to build the world

To publish or be published?

Natasha's Numbskullery - March 2022

Syllojism Episode 7: Jeen-Yuhs

Syllojism Episode 6: Ted K - destroying /rebuilding society

Episode 5 - Duobomber Womyxnifesto

A third (and not likely to be) final note on Pre-mature Publishing

Where the Whisps go

Following the magic

Episode 4 - Fwenship

Episode 3 - Selfie-Reliance

A fate resigned

Have You Tried Being Bland AF?

Exposing my scars

Episode 2 - Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples a la Steven Jay Gould

You got to be startin' somethin'

Scooby doing fraud

Why We Should Remember E.O. Wilson

Episode 1 - E.O. Wilson would have loved us